Journey to Jerusalem

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Our journey began in Bethany and the 8 days from Palm Sunday to Easter
Stop 1: The Temple and drawing what we'd image "God's coins" to be.
Stop 2: The Upper Room and learning about seder
Stop 3: The Garden of Gethesemane and what we pray for
Stop 4: Golgotha and different shapes and representations of crosses
Stop 5: The Tomb and things that give up hope on butterflies of spring. After each group visited each station, we traveled the road together to Emmaus
The group portrayed Christ's arrival from our poster image using props found in the Great Hall
Our poster inspiration
“Each of us is on a journey, and experiencing the journey as well as the destination is God's gift.” 
~ Boyd Lien 
With passport in hand, we followed in Jesus’ footsteps as we "traveled" to seven ancient locales to experience Jesus' last days on earth. Imagine a roadside seat as  Jesus enters Jerusalem, share a special Passover meal as Jesus did with his disciples, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, remember his crucifixion at Golgotha, sense the wonder of Jesus’ resurrection, and travel the road to Emmaus.