An Important Update from the Spring Glen Church Senior Pastor Search Committee

May 3, 2016
Dear Spring Glen Church members and friends:
It is with great joy and thanksgiving that the Search Committee enthusiastically recommends the Reverend Jack Perkins Davidson to be the Senior Pastor of Spring Glen Church!
In May 2014, the members of Spring Glen Church entrusted us with the responsibility for prayerfully selecting a Senior Pastor candidate for your consideration. Using the UCC system to attract and interview prospective candidates, we were charged with narrowing the applicant list until we could settle on a single candidate to recommend to the church members, who would then vote on whether to accept the candidate.
We gathered input from you over the course of several months. This information allowed us to create our Church profile, which was posted to the UCC site in February 2015. We continued to be mindful of what we heard from you throughout the process -- as we reviewed ministerial profiles, as we read, listened to or watched sermons, and as we interviewed potential candidates via phone, Skype and in-person. Three candidates each planned and led a worship service for us.
One person has emerged for the Search Committee as the best choice for Spring Glen’s future: the Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson. Jack grew up in the First Congregational Church of Old Greenwich and graduated from Harvard Divinity School with a Master of Divinity. During his last year of seminary, Jack worked as the Ministerial Intern at the historic Old South Church in Boston. Since 2011, Jack has served in ordained ministry as Associate Minister with First Church of Christ, Congregational in Redding, CT.
We see in Jack a person who is eager to go all in to connect with us and to have us directly experience God, not simply hear about God. Whether you are with him in a small group session, in worship, or in music (where you may find him drumming or strumming and singing), we think that you will see Jack as someone who is comfortable in offering an authentic presence. He is consumed with a passion for making the world a more just image of God’s Heaven here on Earth.
We stand on the threshold of a possible future together. We will be scheduling several opportunities during the month of May for you to meet Jack, his wife Laura (a social worker at Amistad High School in New Haven) and their 1-1/2 year-old daughter PJ. Sunday, June 5 has been scheduled as candidating Sunday. Jack will participate in the service, with the centerpiece being his preaching of the message.
A congregational meeting will be held immediately following the service. A vote will be taken on whether to call Rev. Jack Perkins Davidson to be our Senior Pastor. We hope that you are able to meet Jack and his family prior to June 5 and that our shared worship with him that Sunday will enable you to vote faithfully according to what you think is best for Spring Glen Church.
If you have any questions or input about this, please contact search committee chair, Rick Brownell at 203-230-0681 or .
Peace be with you,
Senior Pastor Search Committee
Janice Ammons, Nick Appleby, Michele Backus, Nancy Beals, Rick Brownell (chair), Jennifer Heath, Laurel Laster, Mike Palmieri